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Winthrop Rockefeller Institute Under 40 Forum Features RMI Training

“The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, in partnership with the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, hosted the fourth annual Under 40 Forum. The Forum brought together young leaders identified by Arkansas Business and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal to discuss a pressing issue in the state. A survey of the 2018 Under 40 honorees found concern among the leaders about racial inequalities and thereby the focus of this year’s forum was working toward racial equity.

The 24 hour program kicked off with a training by Taralyn Keese and Anthony Armstrong of the Race Matters Institute. Topics covered at the Under 40 Forum included a discussion on shared language, a structural and systems analysis, and a tool was introduced that produces a racial equity impact analysis.

After participating in the Race Matters Institute half day workshop, listening to a panel discussion on current efforts to advance racial equity in Arkansas, and engaging in two facilitated dialogue sessions on their personal and organizational experiences with racial equity, honorees each shared two key pieces of information they learned that they want to share with others upon departing the Institute. The responses varied between furthering their own education on racism, direct actions they can take, and holding conversations with their friends and colleagues about lessons learned from the program.”

Read the full 2019 report here.









RMI Trainers Taralyn Keese (left) and Anthony Armstrong (right)

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